Beginning with the dramatic closing minutes of the Jeff Bridges, Jessica Lange 1976 blockbuster remake, KING KONG LIVES brings the legendary Kong back to life! After falling to his death (or so everyone thought) from the World Trade Centre, fast forward 10 years and the mighty Kong is on life support with Dr. Amy Franklin (Linda Hamilton) ready to perform an operation to return him to life - if only they can find a blood match.

Back in Kong's native Africa, doctors miraculously discover a female gorilla of Kong's size just in time and the operation is a success. But the U.S. Army soon learns of the pair and is determined to capture them and avoid the bloodshed of the first rampage. But this is King Kong, America's biggest hero, and he's back and he's not happy!!

Linda Hamilton & Brian Kerwin

If you thought KONG was dead – think again!